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The old order changeth to new- Vimonisha makes new forays in the exhibition business


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The Vimonisha Private Collection , promoted by Vimonisha exhibitions is Chennai's most awaited designer show, and has completed more than 75 such shows.


Held thrice a year, in luxurious five star hotels in the city, it brings together designers from all over the world for a two day show.Vimonisha Exhibitions enjoys the prestige of being Chennai’s most premium designer exhibition and the pioneer of designer exhibitions in Chennai, and takes pride in its impressive repertoire of designers that they have provided a platform to, and launched through their much awaited exhibitions repeatedly for the last 25 years.


Designers from across India are handpicked and invited to showcase their products ranging from clothes in prêt, couture, accessories, jewelry and lifestyle products under one roof and is Chennai's most sought after exhibtion among the creme de la creme of Chennai's high society ladies, fashion icons, film actresses, industrialists, international expat ladies, bureaucrats, politicians and export buying houses and merchandisers alike.


Designers participating in Vimonisha's exhibitions can expect sales from both the retail trade as well as whole sale enquiries and business from leading fashion houses, boutiques and stores from South India. Thus it provides the perfect platform to designers looking at expanding their business in the south of India.


Vimonisha Private Collection is a vision of mother and daughter Vimal Shivdasani and Monisha Gidwani, who ran a very successful gallery in Chennai called Vimonisha Gallery and examined the need to promote designers and handle their marketing and publicity. Beginning with only five designers in each exhibition, Vimonisha exhibitions has completed 75 shows and now has more than 55 designers at each show.


The Vimonisha Private Collection held thrice a year in Chennai is a reflection of Monisha’s tastes and fashion preferences, and is a carefully handpicked eclectic collection of the nation’s best talent, which she helps promote in the south of India.


For bookings write to monisha@vimonisha.com

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